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For Press/Media Outlets

STG Leader Jed Given has over a decade of experience in business development & leadership. He is available to speak on business growth techniques to qualified media outlets. Please contact to set up an interview.

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1What are your membership requirements?
We are seeking members for 5 Markets. If you are a leader and changing your industry niche we are interested in setting up an initial meeting with you. During our initial screening we will share with you the qualifications we are seeking for your specific industry. To set up an initial meeting, click HERE.
2When are your meetings / What are your membership attendance policies?
STG is all about quality connections. Each group has their own specific meeting schedule we can discuss your schedule needs during the initial meeting.
3How do I get involved?
We encourage all that are interested in participating to schedule an initial meeting with one of our group leaders. This prevents the "card swoopers" from attending a member meeting and interfering with our business growth goals. Our leaders are trained to identify industry movers and key business owners who can support our group's growth goals. If you are interested, click HERE to start the conversation about if STG is the right solution for you.

Press Media Gallery

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